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Yung Naomi 🈲

90% of your cells are acquired, nonhuman cells. They are bacteria. They do not ‘die’. Their populations make ours look like a speck. We trade them, and their ‘developmental’ or ‘evolutionary’ pulse is thousands of times (at least) faster than ours. So, too, their sensing abilities. Which we are not ordinarily ‘conscious’ of.

‘You’ are at least 30 trillion bacteria. About 4 trillion more are ‘animal cells’… »but these contain what used to be bacteria as ‘organs’!

So, literally, 90% of your cells are a highly evolved nonhuman lifeform about which we know, actually, almost nothing. We didn’t even admit this formally until relatively recently. Their temporality is completely different from all of our models.

We are swarms of another intelligence. Honestly, we are probably at least partly an evolutionary vehicle assembled by bacteria. But we think we know what we are.

We don’t. We can, however, find out. Right now. In part, by recognizing the fallacies that delude and delimit our nature which is and shall always remain entirely beyond all models. For our nature is possibility. Our nature is beyond ”